Our Team


As a cloud accounting, tax and payroll service provider, Black & White Accounting Ltd. team’s experience stems with more than 20 years go beyond simple accounting, tax and payroll services. We are extremely proud of the high level of expertise and knowledge in our team.  Our team members - with their unique skill set - are committed to providing our clients with the highest and personalized possible level of services.  

Meet Our Team


Sameer Alrishani, Ph.D, Managing Partner (MP)

Sam is the founder and president of Black & White Accounting Ltd.  He has more than 25 years’ experience in IFRS, accounting, payroll and tax. He is also a professor of accounting, holds M.B.A. and Ph.D. in accounting and member of the Canadian Academic Accounting Association (CAAA). His education combined with his Canadian and global experience contribute infinitely to the success of Black & White Accounting Ltd. He is also an overseas’ certified accountant. In addition to working for some of the major global accounting organizations, he has helped the sucess of numerous small and mid-sized companies in accounting, tax and payroll. 


Ahsan Farhat, Certified QuickBooks Advisor

Ahsan Farhat has over 15 years’ experience providing accounting design and implementation advice to small and medium sized clients. Ahsan is a Certified QuickBooks Advisor and QuickBooks Online Advisor and has worked with a variety of accounting and financial software application programs during his career. He has set up and used QuickBooks and Point of Sales services in different companies that have given him a broad perspective of how businesses processes can work most efficiently.  


Sama Kadi CEDP, AEST, Ph.D. Marketing in Media

Sama Kadi  has spent over 10+years working in media and marketing. For the past 3 years. Sama has taught e-marketing, sales technology and social media at Lambton College in Toronto.