About Us


Who is Black and White Accounting?

With a fully cloud-based services using the most contemporary apps, Black and White Accounting Ltd. team strive to run your everyday income tax, payroll, bookkeeping, accounting and HST business activities. We are dedicated to develop your financial information as we have a proven team who are ready to hit the ground running to apply their skills, experiences, systems and processes to your business. Let us soothe your headache!


What's something exciting Black and White Accounting Ltd. offers?

Whether you are a new business owner or an established small business, Black and White Accounting Ltd. offers the first hour as a free consultation to review your tax, payroll and bookkeeping needs using the most contemporary cloud-based apps. We maintain the highest standards to ensure the confidentiality of your business documents is preserved. Join us today and you are welcome on board!


What are the main reasons to work with Black and White Accounting Ltd.?

Black and White Accounting Ltd. is a team of creative accountants and specialists working together to help your business grow through easy accessibility and innovative technology.  Black and White Accounting Ltd. team is committed to deliver efficient and effective tax, payroll and accounting services using the most contemporary cloud-based apps with affordable prices. Let us put your business on the right track! Competence, reliability and cost-effective alternative are the best reasons to do business with us.  We may not know the answer to all issues - but we know where to find the answer. If you want peace of mind, we will be there to help so you can relax!

Vision, Mission, Objectives & Values


Our vision at Black and White Accounting Ltd. is to become the leading small business cloud-based accounting and tax service provider in Canada to reach out clients’ potentials


Our mission at Black and White Accounting Ltd. is to continuously provide our clients value by:

  • applying the most contemporary cloud-based accounting and documents management apps  
  • being responsive to our clients' needs
  • providing high quality and reasonably priced accounting and tax services that consistently exceed their expectations
  • using strategies to minimize our clients’ tax and giving them peace of mind and support in achieving their business
  • providing an innovative and valuable service to our clients in an effective and ethical manner


Based on the client's needs, our objectives are to provide small business with cloud-based, accurate and cost effective accounting, tax and payroll services in timely manner, and keep on top of the various accounting, tax and payroll requirements and filing deadlines.


Our core values at Black and White Accounting Ltd. are:

  • Client First
  • Honesty in Everything
  • Receptiveness
  • Client's Satisfaction
  • Cloud-based Environment
  • Performance


putting our clients at the heart of everything we do. We seek to identify our clients’ real needs and goals 


always being authentic, ethical and behaving with integrity


courtesy, diversity, trusted and collaborative relationships form the cornerstone of dealing with our clients fairly 


our business culture is to exceed the expectations for our clients and every person that works with us 


our  trusted relationships with clients are built on a foundation of  cloud-based and timeliness to  share our journey on-route to becoming a fully-fledged paperless  accounting practice


One-firm having the professionalism, discipline, experience, skills and the drive to work collaboratively towards achieving our clients’ goals to move forward  with accuracy and confidence.  

Through out our vision, mission, values and objectives,

 we really do put our clients at the heart of everything we do!




Advantages of Outsourcing Services


Advantages of Outsourcing Your Accounting, Tax and Payroll Services

If you want to reduce your business's overhead costs and increase profits, it is highly recommended to take advantage of our expertise in accounting, tax and payroll services. By outsourcing accounting, tax and payroll to Black and White Accounting Ltd., you can focus on core competencies, target specific markets and increase profitability. The following are examples of the advantages of outsourcing accounting, tax and payroll services:  

  1. lower cost of operation and reduction in overhead costs without compromising on quality  
  2. getting secured services without the fear of security, privacy or confidentiality issues (non-disclosure agreements at the onset of the project will be signed)
  3. outsourcing helps you to put the focus back on the core functions of your business by increasing productivity and efficiency and better-prepared for market challenges
  4. benefit from speedy and saleable services
  5. meet all your accounting, tax and payroll requirements at one destination with complete support with critical financial work as well as seasonal workloads
  6. take advantage of our domain expertise in accounting, tax and payroll
  7. benefit from the cloud-based, tailor-made and personalized accounting, tax, payroll and documents apps based on your needs
  8. benefit from our high-end workflow technology along with proven methodologies, time-tested processes and high quality services      
  9. outsourcing helps to overcome such difficulties of uncontrollable accounting, tax and payroll activities